Cene goriva u Evropi

Iskustva sa gorivima i uljima
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Re: Cene goriva u Evropi

Post od BRABUS » 05 Jun 2019, 00:36

Malopre sipao u Sloveniji Dizel 1.27e , u Italiji 1.52e

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Re: Cene goriva u Evropi

Post od Milos_kg » 05 Jun 2019, 09:07

Makedonija - 66denara dizel, malo ispod 130rsd.

P30pro post

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Re: Cene goriva u Evropi

Post od Geza » 20 Apr 2020, 16:44

U.S. Oil Price Collapses To Lowest Level Since 1999

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent U.S. oil prices tumbling to their lowest level since 1999 amid evaporating demand and a lack of storage. The price of West Texas Intermediate, a major U.S. oil benchmark, was down almost 18% at just under $14.99 per barrel when European markets opened on Monday. The price was even lower in Asian trading at just $14.49 per barrel. The losses were exacerbated by the pending expiration of the May futures contract which is expected to happen tomorrow.

Faced with a glut of oil that's clogging up storage facilities, OPEC members agreed to slash global production by 10% earlier this month, the largest cut to output ever agreed. Back in 1999, prices dipped below $16 per barrel, primarily due to Iraq ramping up production at the same time as the Asian Financial Crisis when demand remained low. Despite that, prices did recover rapidly soon afterwards, increasing to $35 per barrel by September of 2000.

Najgore je svađati se sa budalom. Prvo te spusti na svoj nivo, a onda te dotuče iskustvom...
Slika Slika

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Re: Cene goriva u Evropi

Post od BRABUS » 20 Apr 2020, 22:29

Zatvoreno na negativnih 38 dolara za barel, u petak je bilo 18 dolara u plusu

Da ne bude zabune, uglavnom je ovo tehnicke prirode, ali i pokazuje problem ako se trenutne mere nastave

Here Is The Full Explanation Behind Today's Unprecedented Negative Oil Price

How did you end up with negative oil prices today? This happens when a physical futures contract find no buyers close to or at expiry.

Let me explain what that means:

A physical contract such as the NYMEX WTI has a delivery point at Cushing, OK, & date, in this occurrence May. So people who hold the contract at the end of the trading window have to take physical delivery of the oil they bought on the futures market. This is very rare.

It means that in the last few days of the futures trading cycle, (which is tomorrow for this one) speculative or paper futures positions start rolling over to the next contract. This is normally a pretty undramatic affair.

What is happening today is trades or speculators who had bought the contract are finding themselves unable to resell it, and have no storage booked to get delivered the crude in Cushing, OK, where the delivery is specified in the contract.

This means that all the storage in Cushing is booked, and there is no price they can pay to store it, or they are totally inexperienced in this game and are caught holding a contract they did not understand the full physical aspect of as the time clock expires.

The contract roll and liquidity crunch that made the extreme sell-off today possible but it DOESN’T necessarily represent futures market conditions: NYMEX June settled today at $21.13.

The June contract is not out of the woods either: today’s action indicate that physical oil markets at Cushing are not in good shape and that storage is getting very full.

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https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/here- ... tive-price