Fiat Uno

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Fiat Uno

Post od Zugara » 22 Jan 2023, 22:54

Pozdrav društvo, predstavljam vam moj
Fiat Uno 1.0 ie Fire mk2 2000 godište.
Nadam se da ima još ljudi pa da prodiskutujemo o samom modelu i da se družimo. 😁
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Re: Fiat Uno

Post od Geza » 22 Jan 2023, 23:06

40 godina od premijere Una. :)

The legendary Fiat Uno was presented 40 years ago

In a place inextricably linked to the launches of the Apollo moon missions, or space shuttles, Fiat launched its Uno – meaning “One” – which was definitely not made for American motorists. The car, just 3.5 meters long, was intended for European customers, who not only impressed with the exterior design from the Italdesign workshop of the famous Giorgetto Giugiaro, but also with the interior, which is spectacular for its class.

Uno, which became the second Fiat to leave numbering after the Ritmo at the turn of the 1970s and 1980s, may originally have carried the Autobianchi (or Lancia) marque. The Turin automaker’s subsidiary was preparing a successor to the old A112 type and approached Giugiaro with the proposal. He developed a compact car that offered a lot of interior space in a small footprint, but ultimately didn’t make it into production due to management disagreements.

The Italian concern did not abandon the plans, but the originally planned Lancia Uno became Fiat, which was developed in Turin between 1979 and 1983 (the Autobianchi A112 was replaced in the form of the Lancia Y10 only after 17 years of production in 1987). ). While the spacious design was completely new, well-tried engines that had something to do with the early 80s moved under the hood.

The basic nine-cylinder engine already powered the Fiat 850 built between 1964 and 1971, the more powerful eleven-cylinder and thirteen-cylinder engines were a slight evolution of the engine first introduced in the 1969 Fiat 128 (and used, for example, by the Yugoslav cars Zastava 101 and Jugo ). Only the 13-cylinder diesel, which was assembled from 1984, was newer and was based on a series of engines developed in the late 1970s by Fiat’s South American subsidiary.

Over the years, the Uno, which won European Car of the Year in 1984, has seen newer engines, both diesel and petrol – including the revolutionary one-litre Fire unit. Its name has nothing to do with fire, it’s an abbreviation of the words Fully Integrated Robotized Engine (the brand new engine plant used robots extensively). On the other side of the range were two turbocharged engines rated at 105 and 118 hp, which allowed the Uno to travel over 200 kilometers per hour.

In 1989 came a modernized version, which from the outside can be recognized at first glance by lower headlights, the rear part was also slightly changed, which brought better aerodynamics. Inside, the driver finally got regular stalks on the steering column instead of unconventional switches around the instrument panel.

The spacious interior has not changed, but so has the main flaw of the Fiat Uno, the low resistance to corrosion, since the car was not yet made of galvanized sheet metal. In addition to the three- and five-door hatchbacks, there was also a utility version, the South American Fiat branches also produced a sedan and a station wagon.

The successor to the Una was the Fiat Punto, which came onto the market in autumn 1993. Both models were produced simultaneously in Italy for about a year, until 2002 when the Una left the factory gates in the Polish town of Tychy (around two thousand were produced between 1988 and 1994, also in Yugoslavia as the Yugo Uno). In South America, production only ended in 2014, between 2010 and 2021 the modern Uno was also produced in Brazil, which is externally reminiscent of the European Fiat Panda.

The Fiat Uno was also popular in Czechoslovakia in the 1980s, where it was imported in small numbers and available in Tuzex’s foreign goods stores. Although it was mainly a simple design, it belonged to luxury goods.

In 1988, for example, it cost 26,000 Czech crowns, so-called vouchers, which were sold on the black market for around five crowns each, making the car cost around CZK 130,000. The Škoda favorite listed at the time cost 84,600 crowns.

Najgore je svađati se sa budalom. Prvo te spusti na svoj nivo, a onda te dotuče iskustvom...
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Re: Fiat Uno

Post od horvat » 22 Jan 2023, 23:28

Moj prvi auto, bas ovakav kao sa press fotki, crveni, trovratni, 45 :

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Re: Fiat Uno

Post od OMP » 23 Jan 2023, 07:36

ja sam imao drugu seriju, 45 fire u sx paketu, isti ovakav samo sa fabrickim alu felnama....
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